Looking to meet local grannies?

If you’re horny and want to shag a dirty mature woman in near you, you have two options…

The First

meet women offlineGet out of your house and meet a dirty old slapper at a bar or club. This can be done, but be warned it’s not without potential pitfalls… First of all approaching a woman two or three times your age takes guts, and a lot of courage. Secondly, you better hope that she is in the mood to be chatted up, otherwise it could result in either a slap in the face, or her drink over your head.

You also have to navigate the social, and awkward, minefield of her friends. Groups of mature women are notorious for swatting men away like some sort of pesky fly. To break into their group and talk to the hottest, oldest and most experienced of them all is going to take a lot of time, and luck.

However if you do manage it then success is pretty much going to be guaranteed. If you’ve got her on her own, then then opportunity for some after club antics at your place, or hers if you want to be more discreet, is most definitely on the cards. Just make sure you let your intentions be known quickly, otherwise she will just take you talking to her as a compliment.

The Second

meet local grannie at grannydating.co.ukThe second way to meet a local gran is a lot safer, less awkward and can yield more results. What we are describing is an online granny dating site, like the one we just found here. We got to this site after doing a quick Google search. These types of sites are perfect for contacting and meeting up with women who are serious about one night stands, and local sex encounters.

The real attraction of using an online dating site is that everyone is after the same thing, especially if the site you’re using is specific to a particular fetish or ‘type’ of person. You know that once you sign up and see thousands of naked members, who are open and honest about their intentions, you don’t need to feel shy, or worried that approaching a member who takes your fancy is going to leave you with a slapped face. Like it might do if you went over and spoke to someone you liked the look of in a club.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks. You’re going to want to make sure the site is genuine, safe and actually populated by real members who say they are, who they are. The best way to check a sites legitimacy is by looking through the pages, and working out how established it is. Also what virus and security software it runs. You can probably find all this out on the FAQ’s of a genuine granny site. It also helps if they offer a free trial, as this will really give you the chance to take a look around the site and decided for yourself what you think of it. That way, if it’s not to your liking, you’ve not lost any money or effort.